Category 3 material

Category 3 material includes residues derived from the processing of products of animal origin not suitable for human consumption and then to be processed according the uses permitted by the law 1069/2009.

Collection of material at markets, butchers, fish markets...
Transport of the material to the plant through suitable and authorized means
Transformation of raw materials for the livestock industry, the soap, pet food, lubricants ...

Service offered

Our company deals with the collection of category 3 material and his subsequential processing into raw materials for the livestock industry, the soap, pet food, lubricants …

The material is collected mainly trough markets, butchers, macellerie, fish markets; another source of raw materials comes from the disposal of material from seizures by the public authorities (expired goods, not suitable and similar).

Once the collection is done, that is directly made at the premises of suppliers through appropriate and authorized means, the material is transported to the manufacturing plant and then processed and transformed.

Who is it for

This service is aimed at activities that have the need to dispose of Category 3 material and intend to do so in a responsible and convenient way; the service is the ideal solution not only for large reality like markets and slaughterhouses, but also to activities of small and medium entities such butchers, fish shops….

Our facilities offer the opportunity to dispose waste without damaging the environment and operating in full accordance with local regulations.

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