Biodiesel is a biofuel obtained from renewable sources, like vegetable oils and animal fats. Our company deals with the production of Biodiesel starting from this category of raw materials, and this sector in our production is constantly growing thank to our efforts in evolve the Company.

Bio Diesel
Collection of material at markets, butchers, fish markets...
The raw material is processed and transformed
Biodiesel obtained is marketed for the production of electric energy

Benefits of Biodiesel

Biodiesel, as every biofuel, are assuming increasing importance as part of the fuels.

This is due to the fact that Biodiesel is produced from renewable sources, and its environmental impact in terms of pollution is much smaller compared to traditional fuels.

The production of biodiesel from animal fats is a practice ethical and responsible, because it turns materials that would normally be considered waste into a useful and usable product, this without taking up space and resources to crops as is the case for other types of production.

Autorizzazioni e certificazioni

Our company in the year 2012 has been assessed and found to comply with the requirements for the sustainability scheme for biofuels by the European istitution Bureau Veritas.

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