Tallow is a liquid product derived from the process of Category 3 materials.

Collection of material at markets, butchers, fish markets...
The material is processed and transformed first into flakes and then in flour
Tallow is a liquid product derived from the process of

The producion

The tallow is one of the results of the processing of Category 3 material.

Such material is subjected to appropriate processing according to a method established by the European union (Law CE 1069/2009); these treatments are targeted to separate the solid part (fleaks / meat meal), which will be used for other productions, and liquid.

Tallow, after being processed, is stocked in silos and is ready to be distributed. On this product periodic sampling and analyzes are performed from both ASL and from an Authorized Laboratory, to verify their compliance with the actual quality standards.

The final product is for

Tallow is used by companies that produce feed for pets, lubricants, biofuels.

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